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E-Civis, a Romanian tech NGO and ECDL ROMANIA, the certification authority for digital literacy in Romania, announced today a strategic partnership that will run between July – December 2017 aiming to promote a more inclusive labor market, especially in the field of technology for girls. The social innovation pilot project, entitled “Girls Champions in 3D”, aims to contribute to the training and mentoring of 24 female students from different faculties in Bucharest, into a new specialization on the design and manufacture of three-dimensional objects, taking into account that there is a great demand on the labor market for specialists in the field of additive manufacturing. This joint initiative aims to help reduce gender gaps in IT field and aims to encourage the development of students’ creativity and 3D modeling and printing skills.

These days will begin the activity of registration and selection of the target group for ECDL 3D Printing training, testing and certification. Participating students will be selected from different universities (fashion, architecture, medicine etc) so that they have a chance to explore the potential of 3D technology in their own industries as well as ensure exchanges of experience across fields. According to Ana-Maria STANCU, President of E-Civis and National Coordinator for the EURobotics network in Romania, the lead project partner: “This way, we are laying the foundation for innovation in different fields”. Registrations can be made until October 1st on

During the training session, they will learn practical aspects such as: use a 3D modeling application, prepare outputs for 3D printing, use a 3D printer, etc. The course will end with an ECDL 3D Printing testing and certification session.

ECDL, the European Computer Driving Licence is the world largest IT certification program for basic computer skills for end-users, recognized worldwide in over 100 countries and having more than 15 million people engaged with the ECDL programme worldwide. ECDL ROMANIA has developed the ECDL 3D Printing module for certifying basic 3D modeling and printing skills at an international standard level. This module has been endorsed internationally by the ECDL Foundation and successfully piloted in Romania.

Ana-Maria Stancu, president of E-Civis and the initiator of the project: “3D printing is still in its early stages compared to its full potential and the best moment to support girls to become champions in this industry is NOW.”

Irinuca Văduva – General Manager ECDL ROMANIA, partner in this project: “Learning new technologies is a priority in a constantly changing society and the acquisition of 3D printing and modeling skills by students is a must in order to be able to cope with the growing demands in the labor market competition, taking into account that this innovative technology is used in many areas of activity.”

This is an innovative project that aims at promoting young women’s access to highly experienced jobs in this emerging technology field. Not only that, but the ultimate goal of this project is to be piloted in Romania, then disseminate it in other European countries and in the US, so that 3D printing becomes a “women industry”. In time, as the technology further develops, the partnering organizations intend to expand the project to cover various 3D printing applications such as 3D printing for disabled workers to enable them easier access to the workforce.

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About E-Civis – E-Civis is a Romanian NGO whose mission is to promote democratic values in Romania and other countries mostly through electronic means. E-Civis believes that technology has two sides: on one hand, it provides new opportunities for vulnerable groups while, on the other hand, could deepen the existent gender and wealth gap. In 2017, E-Civis is organizing, for the first time in Romania, the European Robotics Week, aimed at raising awareness about this disruptive industry.

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 About ECDL – As a certification authority in the field of digital competencies in Romania, ECDL ROMANIA is actively involved in guiding the general public towards the access to real digital competences and offers useful tools for the challenges that arise from technological transformations. In this context, the launching of the ECDL 3D Printing module was a normal step.

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