This is an initiative of E-Civis Association in partnership with ECDL Romania.


E-Civis is a national Romanian NGO whose mission is to promote democratic values in Romania and other countries mostly through electronic means. E-Civis believes that technology has two sides: on one hand, it provides new opportunities for vulnerable groups while, on the other hand, could deepen the existent gender and wealth gap.


As a certification authority in the field of digital competencies in Romania, ECDL ROMANIA is actively involved in guiding the general public towards the access to real digital competences and offers useful tools for the challenges that arise from technological transformations. In this context, the launching of the ECDL 3D Printing module is a normal step. Proofs show that exposure to technology is not the equivalent of using it. If there is no structural digital education we might not be able to unlock the potential of the digital technology as trainees, employees, entrepreneurs or citizens.